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Hardened Criminal Swept from West Chicago's Streets
A Period of Peace, Quiet and Lawfulness is Sure to Follow

Alderman Dzierzanowskicalled my daughter this morning to tell her he had received an email this morning... one that looked like:

Police News Alert
Suspicious Person

The West Chicago Police Department is investigating a suspicious person in the Cornerstone Lakes subdivision in the 2400 block of Lehman Street.   A suspicious person was observed lurking near in a burgandy van in front of an alderman's house.. The suspect is described as male Caucasian 50+ years old, 5'10" tall and heavy build, long hair, beard, and wearing a white golf shirt.  A police artist's sketch is provided to the right.

Citizens are urged to always beware of cars parked, for no apparent reason, in residential areas where children are frequently seen playing or walking to school.

Any information , Please contact the West Chicago Police Department.

Perhaps I should explain.  My daughter was babysitting for Alderman Dzierzanowski last night.  She called to have me pick her up at his house at 10:45 PM.  Getting there exactly on time (as all fathers of teens know is a minimal requirement) I proceeded to wait... and wait.  However, long about the end of the Digital Goddess, Kim Kommando's radio program, I realized that I had run out of cigarettes.  I zipped back home to pick up a pack, and grab the cell phone that I had forgotten, and drove back to park outside the house.  This was more than the neighbors could handle.  One of them (The wife had been one of my students at the high school.)  decided to check the house.  My daughter, seeing the van no longer outside, would not answer the door.  When I returned and continued sitting in the van, the neighbor decided to alert the police.  Soon I had a squad car in front, a squad car in back, and a spotlight shining at my raised and clearly visibly empty hands. 

 After Nick and his wife arrived home, I think Nick was worried that I was upset with my run-in with the local constabulary.  Not in the least.  Nobody did anything wrong.

Nick, his wife, and her sister went to a Cougars game.  I think it should be legal for aldermen to go to ball games.  I don't think they should go to Scotland to golf on corporate money, but if they want to pay their own way to a game and have a beer and a hot dog, I think that should be allowed.  If fact, I would be more worried about pols that don't like baseball and apple pie... and who don't consider the Designated Hitter Rule the start of the decline of American civilization.

The daughter didn't answer the door for the neighbor.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Baby sitters are NOT supposed to answer the door. 

The neighbor called the police on a 30 year veteran school teacher with decades of service on various city commissions and boards... a person that could by some be called a civic leader (although there is some saltier verbiage that others would tend towards).  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Fewer people should whine and complain about their community... they should join Neighborhood watch or just drop a dime on the police.  More people noticing the bad guys means more bad guys will be caught. 

The police put the spot light in my eyes.  I wouldn't have it any other way.   They were calm, thorough, professional and polite.  They checked my ID, turned off their spotlight when politely asked, checked with the neighbors, and checked Nick's house, including checking with my daughter and checking on both Nick's sleeping boys.  They didn't rip me from the van, throw me on the ground, and do a Rodney King on me.  They didn't abuse or accuse me,  They just went about the task of figuring out what was going on.

If a newspaper ran a sting investigation to see how the police of West Chicago treat the citizens, they wouldn't have a story here.  Nobody bit a dog.  Nobody did anything wrong.  The alderman is allowed to watch a baseball game.  The baby sitter did what baby sitters are supposed to.  The neighbor cared enough to call on a suspicious van.  The police responded in a timely fashion and figured out the situation.  Although the situation had no potential Jerry Springer guests there IS a story here.  Things are working OK and that's what makes West Chicago a good place to live in.