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28 Feb West Chicago High School

Immigration Mural to be Dedicated at Welcome Center
A new mural with an immigration theme, "Leaving Home is to Spread Your Wings," will be dedicated at Community High School ..."

CHS Winter Concert March 3, 2005
The program will feature the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble and Jazz Combo."
Sen Peter Roskam Notification when Secure Records are Compromised
"State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) has introduced legislation to require state agencies to provide notification when personal and confidential records may become compromised."
27 Feb Regular Monthly Meeting
The regular monthly meeting of 4 the People was held Saturday morning at City Hall.
25 Feb City of West Chicago Media Update
"As part of improving communication with you on the happenings in the City of West Chicago, our firm is launching a Weekly Media Update email to better provide brief, up-to-date, newsworthy items in a “bullet point” format to those of you in the local and regional media."
Sen Peter Roskam Senate Week in Review: Feb. 21-25
"... it was a long week for the Governor who saw his Fiscal Year 2006 budget blow apart when a bipartisan legislative commission issued a report disputing the estimated savings of reforming the state’s pension system ..."
Gene Rennels Social Security
rather than seek a common sense solution to what may or may not be an unsolvable problem we once again see our national leaders relying on the Big Lie."
24 Feb Fay Stone Letter About McAuley School
Donna Hopkins Letter About McAuley School
District 33
West Chicago High School CHS's Youth in Business & Industry Day Helps Students Focus on Career Choices
23 Feb Ted Olsen Bush's Code Cracked
File this one under "local author gets byline in national press" or "Lemon was amused and felt like linking to it."
West Chicago High School

Nominees Sought for CHS Hall of Honor
Nomination letters for the Hall of Honor should be sent to: John Highland"

CHS Student Christopher Carrington Named National Merit Scholarship Finalist
22 Feb Elementary
District 33
Board Briefs
The regular meeting of the Board of Education was held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, February 17, 2005."

Randy Dieter
House of Customs Newsletter
We hope that information contained in these letters will help you with all your auto body & collision repair concerns. "
Rep Hastert

Speaker Hastert Selects Commerce Department Spokesman Ron Bonjean
"Bonjean will lead the Speaker’s Communications Office as spokesman and will help develop House Republican message strategy..."

Gov. Blagojevich welcomes Vermont to the I-SaveRx prescription drug importation program
"... the first program in the nation to allow citizens to purchase lower cost, safe prescription drugs from state-approved pharmacies in Europe and Canada."
19 Feb charicature.jpg (9859 bytes)Lemon - WegoWeb McAuley School sustains Water Damage
the basement flooded and condensation dripping from the ceiling, walls, and light fixtures on both floors. "
18 Feb Sen Peter Roskam


District 33
Good News about District 33 Budget
"Today’s information means we not need to reduce certified positions for budget reduction purposes*, or reductions can be greatly minimized."
17 Feb Sen Peter Roskam Statement from Senator Peter Roskam on the Governor’s Budget Address
Rep Hastert
House Passes Tort Limitations
“For the last decade, the Republican Congress has worked to end out of control lawsuits."
16 Feb Governor
Gov. Blagojevich proposes major reforms to ensure fiscal solvency in Fiscal Year 2006 and beyond
"The Governor’s budget includes major reforms to eliminate the state’s structural deficit, it invests more in schools, provides health care to more people who need it, builds roads, builds schools, cleans the environment and funds mass transit, without raising the income tax or sales tax."
Governor Blagojevich signs law requiring more schools to serve breakfast
"House Bill 756, sponsored by Rep. Susana Mendoza (D-Chicago) and Sen. Miguel del Valle (D-Chicago), stipulates that all schools in which at least 40 percent of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch must also provide a breakfast meal."
District 33
Letter from a student about cuts in the program at District 33
Key Communicators' Message
"Several important legislative hearings on state budget issues are being held in the Chicago region soon ..."
Agenda for February 26, 2005
Just because 4 the People is an organization that many people don't know much about...
15 Feb West Chicago High School CHS Pool Schedule and Program
Community High School is adding some exciting new aquatic programs for the public as well as repeating some of their most popular ones."
West Chicago Police Dept. Police News... Issue 9
13 Feb Rep Hastert Hastert Warns Not to Hurry Overhaul of Social Security
"Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, warning that "you can't jam change down the American people's throat," has become the latest and most prominent Congressional Republican to call for more public education and debate before Congress acts on transforming Social Security"
12 Feb Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day
"Estimates suggest that about 1,000,000 Americans have a congenital heart defect. Approximately 35,000 babies are born with a defect each year."
Fact Sheet
7th Anual Chili Fest on Feb 19th
Kiwanis annually pits local fire departments against each other in a contest to see which makes the best bowl of chili.  The firefighters cook, the folks eat, and the funds support the Illinois Fire Alliance Burn Camp.  A little fire in your belly and a little warmth in your heart.
Advocates sustaining Community Development Block Grant program in letter to Bush
" CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) provides crucial funds to the state and directly to 47 counties and communities across Illinois, and are used for economic development, housing, public infrastructure, and critical social service programs, such as senior centers, day care programs and homeless shelters."
Urges President Bush to reverse proposed cuts to education funding
"In a letter to President George W. Bush, Gov. Rod Blagojevich today expressed serious concerns over proposed federal funding cuts for education in the United States."
10 Feb Elementary
District 33
Questions and Answers From District #33 Special Board of Education Meeting
09 Feb West Chicago High School West Chicago High School and Breaking Free Partner to Raise Awareness
This is the first time that a bi-lingual Social Norms campaign has been attempted in the United States."
Resource Program at West Chicago High School for Parents of Special Needs Students
West Chicago Police Dept. BI-WEEKLY STATS SUMMARY
Rep Hastert House Speaker Hastert on Strengthening Border Security
“This bill establishes federal guidelines for the acceptance of driver’s licenses."
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum to open in April with four days of public celebrations
"Governor Rod Blagojevich today officially announced the schedule of activities for the grand opening of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, to be held this April."
Sen Peter Roskam Roskam backs medical malpractice reform legislation
“We have legislation that provides real medical, insurance and legal reforms – reforms that will go a long way toward lowering medical malpractice premiums and ultimately keeping doctors in Illinois."

Legislators Prevail on FOIA Matter
“This should send a clear message to the administration that keeping secrets from the public—our constituents—is not in accordance with the spirit or the letter of the law,”

Wheaton Academy

Fernando Ortega Concert is Sold Out
In May, Phil Smith, the principle trumpet player for the New York Philharmonic will perform."

08 Feb West Chicago Police Dept.

Police News Alert
Due to a trip to Mich (to visit my mother) this item is very late... sorry.

05 Feb Sen Peter Roskam SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: January 31 – February 4
Lawmakers ushered in a busy week in Springfield with the introduction of more than 500 bills"

Law allowing state to consider the effects of outsourcing in awarding state contracts
"Gov. Rod Blagojevich today signed Senate Bill 2375, requiring companies bidding for state business to certify whether the terms of the contract will be performed in the U.S."

First Lady Patti Blagojevich leads Illinois’ National Wear Red Day campaign as Governor proclaims February Women’s Healthy Heart Month
"Participating in an informational and interactive program at the Thompson Center for National Wear Red Day, Mrs. Blagojevich stressed the danger of heart disease in women and advised simple measures to help women lead healthier lives."
Rep Hastert Iraqi Elections Successful
      "(Washington, D.C.) House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) today released the following statement on the successful elections in Iraq:.."

Hastert Reacts to the State of the Union
“Make no mistake Iraq still has a long way to go. But today Iraqis took a step in the right direction to secure a prosperous and stable country."

04 Feb Elementary
District 33
Board Briefs
Key Communicator Message: Status of 2005-2006 Budget Discussion
The Board of Education has been reducing expenditures and making the most of resources over the past few years in an effort to balance the budget..."
02 Feb WC ToastMasters Toastmasters want to ease speaking fears
the opportunity to develop and practice communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth."
charicature.jpg (9859 bytes)Lemon - WegoWeb Staffing 1998 vs, Staffing 2006
West Chicago
Police Dept.


Rock & Roll meets Country
The flyer for the fundraiser for the Community Centers is now available for you to look at.

Sixty CHS Students Named 2004-2005 Illinois State Scholars

District 33
Candidates for April Elections set.
Sen Peter Roskam

Statement from Senator Peter Roskam on the Governor’s State of the State Address
The Governor’s speech was kind of like eating a turkey burger. From a distance, it looks like the real thing, but when you take a bite, you realize it isn’t."

Roskam to read about Abraham Lincoln to area kids at local library
I have a lot of experience reading stories to children,”
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