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For Immediate Release

Date:  Feb. 28, 2005/tia

Roskam wants state agencies to provide notification
when secure records are compromised

Springfield, IL – State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) has introduced legislation to require state agencies to provide notification when personal and confidential records may become compromised.

The legislation (SB 1798) is in part the result of a recent situation involving a toll highway employee accused of stealing large amounts of cash from the toll highway authority. This particular employee had access to the personal credit card information of I-PASS users, but apparently did not abuse that access.

Senate Bill 1798 would require state agencies to provide notification to individuals and businesses whenever confidential information is or is likely to become compromised.

“If people are given fair warning that someone may have illegally gained access to their credit card numbers and other financial information – then those individuals can take steps to protect themselves,” Roskam said. “It is just like the old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’”

Roskam also is introducing legislation, (SB 1799) requiring the Illinois Department of Revenue to provide notification whenever it is discovered that two individuals are using the same social security number.

“Sometimes individuals may not even be aware that their identity has been stolen,” Roskam said. “The Department of Revenue could provide a valuable service by simply letting those individuals know that someone else is using their social security number.”

Both bills are awaiting assignment to a Senate Committee.