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McAuley School sustains Water Damage

In a 17 Feb 2005 email, Supt. Ed Leman informed members of the District 33 school board of water damage to McAuley School.  It sounds like appropriate actions are being taken.  I'm sure future developments will be of interest to all West Chicago residents, but especially those who wish to restore and/or preserve McAuley. 

Greetings All,
FYI - Due to the political nature of the McAuley property, I want to make you aware of water damage that has occurred in the building.  Apparently, at
the last open house in fall, someone wanted water (or wanted to test it) and turned the circuit breaker to the well pump on, and turned on the switch at
the well.  On Tuesday of this week our courier went to the building to retrieve some items being stored there, and found the basement flooded and
condensation dripping from the ceiling, walls, and light fixtures on both floors.  We've had the water off for several years, and there would be NO
reason for any of our staff to turn it on.  The well tank burst - probably from freezing.  Paint is peeling, plaster is wet, and mold is growing.  I've
directed Sue to have the insurance company inspect.  I was in the building today inspecting the damage, and now I've got a scratchy throat.  I may need
to ask you for direction after the insurance people report back to us.  By the way, the exterior paint, which is peeling also, tested positive for
lead, and there is asbestos in the basement...sheesh...

Despite the above...
Happy weekend!

Ed Leman, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools
West Chicago Elem. Dist. #33
312 E. Forest Ave.
West Chicago, IL 60185
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