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Date:     Joseph Lach

TO: Board of Education
FR: Dr. Ed Leman
DA: 2-17-05 5:30 PM
RE: Budget information

Today, Sue Caddy received very significant budget information in the form of an insurance quote from a fully funded insurance plan through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. This information will impact our RIF decision.

The FY06 tentative budget has $3.9 million allocated to health and dental insurance. The BC/BS informal quote for an April 1st renewal is $2.5 million. Simple math = $1.4 million less in expenditures for FY06. Current insurance fund balance would be used to pay run out claims for 12 months, and any remaining balance transferred to the ed. fund next spring. This significant reduction is attributed to having lower claims history for two years. The insurance committee will meet on February 28. It is anticipated that Sue Caddy will bring a recommendation to the Board at the March 3rd meeting to renew with BC/BS effective April 1st.

Our current budget reduction scenario includes (but is not limited to):

Other budget balancing actions may/will include:

The certified staff portion of this list represents approximately $865,000 (includes cost of 11 aides).

This represents the financially conservative position taken by the Board at the last regular meeting. Today’s information means we not need to reduce certified positions for budget reduction purposes*, or reductions can be greatly minimized. Please remember that reductions will still occur for other reasons, such as: making room for teachers returning from leaves, certification issues, restructuring at the middle school, and waiting for bilingual exit information (April), which impacts bilingual and gen. ed. staffing.

Administration recommends not reducing certified staff for budget reduction purposes. A slight reduction in elementary classroom staffing may be accomplished by raising K-6 class sizes to 33/35 if the board desires additional budget margin through certified staff reductions. We’ll take FY07 when it comes, and after the airport appeal.