Don Early

Organization: 4 The People

For Immediate Release

Agenda for February 26, 2005  10AM  City Hall

1.  Call to order

2.  Approval of minutes from the January 22, 2005 meeting

3.  Corporate Treasurer's report

4.  Railroad Days

5.  Prayer Breakfast

6  .Donation of extra Tess money to Illinois Police Work Dog Association

7.  Time. Place. Date.

8.  Comments on upcoming April 5, 2005 elections

9.  Old business

10.  New business

11.  Setting date of next meeting

12.  Adjournment


Minutes of the meeting of January 22, 2005

Chairman Earley called the meeting to order at 10:05 A.M. at the West Chicago City Hall.

The minutes stood approved as mailed


No Treasurerís report Joe Gianforte could not attend meeting due to snow.

John Smith reported on the past prayer breakfast and the cooperation we received from Wheaton Academy.

Mike Kwasman reported on the political action in Wayne Township caucus, Mike Fortner reported on the Winfield Township Caucus. Greg Kauth reported on the Winfield Township Democratic Caucus.

Fire District petitions were discussed and for the time being they will suspended. During Railroad Day we will try to revisit the petition drive.

Chairman Earley reported on the Council meeting of Jan 17 and the certificates of appreciation that were awarded to the presenters at the Prayer Breakfast.

The next Prayer Breakfast is tentatively scheduled for May 21, 2005

Washington Grade Crossing was discussed and the letter in the paper about the path of the crossing. The Mayor will respond with the facts about the study and the possible courses that the study will put forth.

Mayor Fortner will continue working on the Quarterly Homeowners Assoc. meetings and on the Electronic town hall meetings

Jim Zay reported the county will be spending 6 to 8 million dollars on flood control of Kress Creek in the coming year.

A motion was made by Kwasman, seconded by Kauth to have a booth at Railroad Days, motion passed with no dissenting votes.

Next meeting February 26, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 AM