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Contact: Becky Koltz School/Community Relations Specialist
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Date: 16 Feb 2005

[The letter from a student was distributed to the District 33 Board by Becky Koltz.  It is being posted here with the permission of the parents and with the student's last name removed.  It is here because it expresses an position that deserves to be heard, and because it reflects well on the student, her parents, and the school.  It is being posted on the District 33 template not because it comes from them, but because that template has the appropriate contact information if you have questions.]

Dear Miss Koltz,

I am a participant in Orchestra with 83 other kids who love to play their instrument whether itís a violin, viola, cello, or bass. If you could just SEE the look on our faces when we play, you wouldnít close it down. If you could just Hear how well we play you wouldnít close it down. If you could just FEEL the magic of music, you wouldnít close it down. All of us have just come too far for you to just close it down. I canít even BEGIN to decently describe how much I LOVE Orchestra and how much I enjoy it. It brings a smile to my face every time I play my viola. I also canít begin to describe how much the other 83 people in Orchestra love it. Besides, what was the point of the referendum? Why did the referendum only last a year, and yet the taxes are still up ? That MUST make our parents pretty mad ( us kids, I mean) because the taxes are going to stay the same but they are closing Orchestra. Why raise the taxes and say that if you vote yes, us kids will have art, gym, and MUSIC yet youíre taking Orchestra away ( plus cutting 8 music teachers down to 4). You are also just taking those people away from a job they obviously love. So my question to you is this; why take these things away if youíve lasted pretty well with them here? I remember not being able to wait till I was in 4th grade so I could be in Orchestra. It is one of the best experiences of my life, and probably the best experience of the other people in Orchestra. I support Orchestra and so do other people. So please, donít take our music away!