P.O.L.I.C.E.  People On-Line Identifying Crime Electronically

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  Crime Prevention Unit
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  West Chicago, IL 60185
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    Emergency: 911

For Immediate Release

People On-Line Identifying Crime Electronically


* The material contained in this Bulletin is for information purposes only.  Do not attempt to take law enforcement action of any kind on matters of a criminal nature. Please report any information you may have directly to the West Chicago Police Department at 630-293-2222 or if it is an emergency dial 911.

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Hello, my name is Officer Leo Aviles of the West Chicago Police Department (WCPD) Crime Prevention Unit. I hope everyone enjoys this newsletter. Please send any questions, comments and/or suggestions to me at policenews@westchicago.org.


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A few words from Officer Aviles





 The History of Valentine's Day
Every February across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? The history of Valentine's Day -- and its patron saint -- is shrouded in mystery. But we do know that February has long been a month of romance. St. Valentine's Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. So, who was Saint Valentine and how did he become associated with this ancient rite? Today, the Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all of whom were martyred.


One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men -- his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.


 Other stories suggest that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape harsh Roman prisons where they were often beaten and tortured. It was ordered that he be put to death.

According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor's daughter -- who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France.


Officer Leo Aviles





Name:                             Stephen Laub

Department:                 Police Department

Position:                        Patrol Officer

Years of Service:                11 years (April 1994)




·        1996-Present            Law Enforcement Field                                                         

                                                                            Training Officer

·        1998-Present            Master Firearm instructor


·        2000-Present            Less lethal weapon instructor


·         2003-Present         Firearm instructor at the 

Suburban law enforcement Academy



Patrol Officer Stephen Laub


1999          Letter of Commendation

Aggravated discharge of a firearm           

1999             Letter of Commendation

Recovered stolen vehicle           

2002             Letter of Commendation

Burglary to Auto

2002             Letter of Commendation


2002            Letter of Commendation

Commercial Burglary

                                2002          Meritorious Conduct certificate

                                                      Vehicle Burglary

2003      Letter of Commendation

Vehicle Burglary

2003      Police Commendation Certificate

Vehicle Burglary




Question of the Week


How is the Gang Problem in West Chicago?                                            (For this question I had Commander Bruce Malkin respond)


The gang problem in West Chicago has greatly diminished in the last several years in part due to aggressive enforcement by the West Chicago Police. We also recognize that we would have not accomplished this task without working in conjunction with the community. The number of gang incident has been significantly reduced by two thirds (2/3rds) since 2002.

The number of gang graffiti reports has been reduced by 75% since 2002.


I would like to thank all the residents of West Chicago for supporting the police department and in helping to keep our community safe.





Safety First

The Police Department and an independent traffic engineering company have identified the traffic congestion and the standing/parking of vehicles on Smith Road to be hazard and increase the potential for vehicle crashes on Smith Road near NORTON CREEK SCHOOL


Effective immediately, vehicles stopping, standing or parking on Smith Road when the school lot is full must be avoided. We recommend….


1.Encouraging families to walk to school together

2.Utilizing car pools to decrease the number of cars

3.Dropping off/picking up children in the park district lot just west of the       


4.Always use safe driving practices


The following suggestions can and should be applied at every West Chicago School


Your suggestions to alleviate any potential traffic hazards in the area of your children’s school are welcome. Please contact a member of the traffic safety unit or Commander Kroning at the West Chicago Police Department at 293-2222.







On 2/7/05 at 4:30 PM, Victim reported that an unknown suspect(s) had entered into his Jeep wrangler and stole a radar detector, his wallet, and a Pioneer stereo. The Jeep was parked for only one hour outside of 1240 W North Avenue. The suspect gained entry through the soft cover top by unzipping portion of that top. It appears that forced was used while inside the vehicle. Pry marks were located on the dashboard.


On 2/9/05 the victims bank contacted him and advised that an unauthorized purchased was attempted by his credit card at a local gas station. Detectives followed up on the purchase with the local gas station but were not able to get any further information or leads.



Always remember, If you have a stereo that has a removable faceplate. REMOVE IT, it is designed to be removed and deter anyone from stealing the stereo. It has been my experience that people do not get upset with the stereo being taken; it is the damage that suspects cause to take the stereo.


Locks- I do not have to talk too much about locking your vehicle; we all know how important that is. Just remember, if you do not lock your doors every time you get out, it will take less than 5 seconds to have your purse stolen, your cell phone, your wallet, your laptop, well you get my point.


Alarms - Please use the alarm, even if it is for two minutes. It must be activated to protect. I have taken reports from victims who have had very expensive alarm systems but were never activated. They always say, “I wished I set the alarm on”. Could this have prevented the crime? Who really knows but I do know that burglars do not like loud noises.


Personal items- Please hide personal or/and expensive items. (Under seats, inside glove boxes, in trunks, under clothing, etc.) Lets not give people any assistance in telling them that we have items in our vehicles. Car burglars do not randomly select vehicle to burglarize, they do their homework. They may walk by your vehicle several times to see what is inside. To see if the doors are locked. Please remember these simple suggestions.


Report any suspicious people who do not belong by your house, vehicle, work or school. Dial 911 and let us figure out why that person is in the area.





Come and Join US


The Chicago Corvette Club presents


Country meets Rock and Roll Charity Dance…

Time: Saturday March 5th, 2005 7 PM - ????

Location: Synergy, 245 W Roosevelt Road, West Chicago, IL 60185


Proceeds to benefit the West Chicago Neighborhood Resource Centers, after school programs.


Tickets are $10.00 per person and are available by visiting the Westwood Neighborhood Resource Center or the West Chicago Police Department or by calling LuLu Holguin at 231-3184 or Donna Swanson at 293-2751.


Music by “Mayberry RFD” featuring Otis and Barney. Dance contest, games, silent auction and 50/50 raffle.





Keep a watch out for people standing near you at retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., that have a cell phone in hand.   With the new camera cell phones, they can take a picture of your credit card, which gives them your name, number, and expiration date.   Identification theft is one of the fastest growing scams today, and this is just another example of the means that are being used.   So ... be aware of your surroundings


A block captain sent in the above from one of the Neighborhood Watch Groups.  It was something I never heard or saw before.  To see if it was true or not, I ran a little experiment.  I had an officer attempt to take a picture of my credit card from behind. (As if we were in a checkout line).  On the phone itself the picture did not show the numbers, but if the photo was downloaded to a computer with the right software, I’m sure it could be blown up to where the numbers were visible.  And this was an old model photo phone.  From what I understand, the newer phones have a zoom feature, which would make it easier. 





Any person who is willing to donate some time to assist children with homework or after school activities at any of the two Resource Centers please contact LuLu Holguin at 231-3184.





Anyone who needs to pick up property from the police department must contact Dennis Johnson at 293-2222 to set up an appointment for pick-up after his normal workday.


normal works hours are as follows Monday - Friday

700 AM – 300 PM



Please change the batteries of your home smoke detectors. Lets not decide you need new batteries when it’s too late. Practice exit routes with your family and have a plan in place on where to meet or where to go. Second floor escapes? Safety ladders from retail stores are just one suggestion. Any questions please contact the West Chicago Fire Protection District at 630-231-2123





All Officers have completed their training. Every elementary school in West Chicago has started the new program Too Good For Drugs or has scheduled the program to begin in the near future for their school.


For further information or any questions please feel free to contact Commander Spencer Kroning at 293-2222.





After this last snowfall he had several residents who came in and paid parking tickets for parking on roadway after a 2-inch snowfall.

After two inches of snow falls to the ground, the snow-removing vehicles need to plow the city streets. It becomes very difficult when cars are parked on the city streets and the plows need to avoid the vehicles and not complete the plowing. It usually takes up to 24 hours to plow all of West Chicago’s streets.


Please do not park on city streets after a 2-inch snowfall for at least 24 hours. The tickets are $25.00 and will double if not paid within 10 days.






For further information or any questions please feel free to contact Officer Michael Rosenwinkel at 293-2222.





(Don't blame me; these are what you send me and always remember Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.Bob Newhart)


A couple from Minneapolis decided to go Florida for a long weekend to thaw out  last winter. They planned to stay at the same hotel where they spent their honeymoon 20 years before. Because both had jobs they found it difficult to coordinate their travel schedules, so it was decided that the husband would fly to Florida on a Thursday, and his wife would follow him the next day.

        Upon arriving as planned, the husband checked into the hotel. In his room there was a computer so he decided to send his wife an e-mail back in Minneapolis. However, he accidentally left out one letter in her address, and sent the e-mail, without realizing his error.

        In Houston, a widow had just returned from her husband's funeral. The dearly departed was a minister who had been called home to glory following a heart attack. The widow checked her e-mail, expecting messages from relatives and friends. Upon reading the first message, she fainted. The widow's son rushed into the room, found his mother on the floor, and saw the computer screen which read:

     To: My Loving Wife
     Subject: I've Arrived

 You’re probably surprised to hear from me. They have computers here now and you are allowed to send e-mails to your loved ones. I've just arrived and checked in. I see that everything has been prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you then! Hope your journey is as uneventful as mine was.

  P. S. Sure is hot down here!





 It's better to have loved and lost than to do forty pounds of laundry a week.
-- Laurence J Peter