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Date:  Feb. 7, 2005/tia

Roskam backs medical malpractice reform legislation

Springfield, IL – The General Assembly failed to pass meaningful medical malpractice reform last year, but State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) says he and several of his colleagues are hopeful this year will produce a different result.

“There is no doubt that the medical malpractice crisis is taking its toll on the quality and the availability of health care in this state,” Roskam said. “It is a problem that cannot be swept under the rug. Solving issues such as this is the very reason we have been sent to Springfield. We need to take action or doctors will keep leaving the state.”

Roskam said he is a co-sponsor of legislation (SB 150), which outlines a comprehensive solution to the medical malpractice crisis. Key provisions of the legislation would:

Other legislation recently filed includes Senate Bill 151, which creates a separate court to handle medical malpractice cases. Senate Bill 152 would require judges to tell parties in a case if any party or attorney in the case has contributed to their campaign fund and Senate Bill 153 requires judges’ campaign disclosure reports to state if a donor has appeared before them as a party or an attorney for a party.

“Everyone recognizes the importance of this issue but standing around talking about how we need to do something does not do a thing to keep doctors here in Illinois,” Roskam said. “We have legislation that provides real medical, insurance and legal reforms – reforms that will go a long way toward lowering medical malpractice premiums and ultimately keeping doctors in Illinois. All we need is some leadership from the Governor and his allies in the House and the Senate to get it passed.”