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  Crime Prevention Unit
   325 Spencer Street
  West Chicago, IL 60185
  Phone: (630) 293-2222
    Fax: (630) 231-2621
    Emergency: 911
13 Jan 2005  

Police News Alert

The West Chicago Police Department received a complaint about a young male white Juvenile about 14 or 15 years of age soliciting door to door for the Marklund Children homes at 9:00 PM. This occurred several days ago on Augusta Av and Allen Av in West Chicago. I didnít believe that Marklund solicits door to door so I contacted Kathy Burke an employee at Marklunds who stated that they do not solicit and have no idea who that boy would be. The Daily Herald has been giving a portion of the proceeds to Marklund for years.

The description of the boy is as follows 14 to 15 years old, male, white, last seen wearing a dark color jacket, white shirt and blue jeans. When police searched the area the boy was gone.

If anyone had contact with the boy please call 911 and give information in order to identify the boy. I would like to education him to keep him safe if he is soliciting legitimately

If anyone knocks on your door please ask questions, who, what, why and where can I confirm all the information. If you feel uncomfortable just close your door and call 911.

A friendly reminder, if your child needs to solicit for any kind of fund raiser or is selling items through boy scouts or girl scouts, please travel with them and only during day time hours for their safety.

Any further questions please respond to this email if you wish. Thank you very much for your attention.

* The material contained in this Bulletin is for information purposes only.  Do not attempt to take law enforcement action of any kind on matters of a criminal nature. Please report any information you may have directly to the West Chicago Police Department at 630-293-2222 or if it is an emergency dial 911.

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