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Date: February 3, 2005   Joseph Lach

Key Communicator Message: Status of 2005-2006 Budget Discussion

Budget reduction decisions are never easy. The Board of Education has been reducing expenditures and making the most of resources over the past few years in an effort to balance the budget with the least amount of impact on students and staff.

The Board has received a significant amount of input from parents, community members, and staff over the past several weeks at regular Board meetings and a public forum. They have worked with administration to review every viable option to reduce the 2005-2006 anticipated $1.3M deficit. After additional public comment and much deliberation at last night's Board meeting, the Board gave administration direction to proceed with reduction in force (RIF) procedures for certified staff that will be in keeping with legal timelines. The staffing parameters to be followed at this time are the raising of class sizes at both elementary and middle school levels, reduction of GATE positions from 8 to 4, and the reduction of the staff technology trainer and orchestra positions.

The Board will continue budget discussions at the February 17 meeting. The Board was required to make staffing decisions February 3rd to keep within legal staff reduction timelines. They have made it clear that they do not intend to fully implement a staff reduction of this depth, but they need to maintain flexibility while looking ahead to finalize revenue and expenditure projections that impact decision-making for the coming school year.