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For Immediate Release

Date:  Feb. 2, 2005/tia

Statement from Senator Peter Roskam
 on the Governorís State of the State Address

Springfield, IL Ė The following are a couple of statements from State Senator Peter Roskam (R-Wheaton) on the Governorís State of the State address.

Senator Roskam on the Governorís statement on medical malpractice reform.

I am intrigued by the Governorís statement on the need for meaningful medical malpractice reform. Springfield has a lot of code words Ė words that mean more than just their dictionary definitions. So, I am curious about he means by, Ďmeaningful medical malpractice reform.í When I talk about a meaningful solution to the medical malpractice crisis, what I am referring to is the need for real medical, insurance and legal reforms. Addressing the medical and insurance reforms without changing our legal system is not going to solve this crisis. I guess we have to wait and see what the Governor considers meaningful medical malpractice reform to be.

Senator Roskam on the Governorís failure to mention the stateís budget concerns

The Governorís speech was kind of like eating a turkey burger. From a distance, it looks like the real thing, but when you take a bite, you realize it isnít. The Governorís speech looked like a weighty address with real ideas, but after listening to it, there just was not much there. Todayís performance is a stark contrast to the clarity and vision we heard in the Presidentís speech last night. The Presidentís words ring true and sure while the Governor seemed to be fumbling and grasping for themes. The Governor talked about video games and all kinds of other interesting things, but he failed to even acknowledge the most important issue we face Ė the budget. That is not the kind of leadership this state needs.