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May 04, 2004

Sixty CHS Students Named 2004-2005 Illinois State Scholars

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) has announced the names of this year's students honored as Illinois State Scholars. The State Scholar program recognizes Illinois high school students for outstanding academic achievement. The Commission is pleased to announce that 60 Community High School District 94 students have been named Illinois State Scholars. Those students include: Megan Andracki, Rachel Bednar, Timothy Bolt, Rebecca Bonarek, Jeffrey Burgess, Alexander Carpenter, Christopher Carrington, Michael Casey, Jeffrey Cisowski, Katy Cloutier, Cole Coats, Corrine Coffman, Heidi Colliander, Deborah Corson, Meghan Dalton, Allison Danes, James Dieckmann, Emily Doll, Julie Evans, Josiah Fisher, Megan Forbrook, Danielle Freebern, David Frommert, Ryan Funderburk, Joseph Gehrett,, Emily Gehrke, Bridget Geraghty, Abigail Gerwin, Jaclyn Gola, and Eric Gotkowski.

Also, Mark Hansen, Thomas Harwood, Summer Hassan, Bruce Janek, John Jennings, Derek Jensen, Melissa Johansen, Samantha Kleczewski, Lauren Krage, Samantha Kufta, Vicki Lawn, Nicholas Lelito, Michelle Macrito, Jill Musick, Brianne Nadolny, Michael Olesiak, Cassandra Peletis, Shawn Przybyla, Ashley Rawls, Ian Rewers, Bridget Rood, Dieter Rudolph, Margaret Saul, Laura Tan, Emily Timko, Rosemarie Venen, Amanda Wessman, Carolyn Wostratzky, Dana Yormark and Lauren Ziberna.

Students ranking in the top ten percent of the state's high school graduating seniors have been named State Scholars. Rankings are based on a combination of ACT and/or SAT test score results and class rank at the end of the junior year of high school, unless the students achieved a score at or above the 95th percentile for Illinois students on one of the standardized tests. While the program does not provide a monetary reward, the designation as a State Scholar can be listed on applications for college admission and scholarships.

"We are very proud of these students," said CHS Principal John Highland. "We look forward to their continued success."

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