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The Upper section is reserved for identifying banners.   It consists as the section graphics which take too much time to load with ever page.
Menu instru2.jpg (2431 bytes) The Menu section is the main navigation device.   The top half is links to the major sections of the site.
Hyperlink where it links to:
Government Government entities, local, state and federal.
Schools District school info and links, including public and private and colleges
Churches A comprehensive list of local religious institutions with contact info and service times.
Links Links to other websites concerning West Chicago
Shopping Links to tradesmen and handyman that can help with home repairs.
News The "Take Five" view of news.
Calendar A list of upcoming events which includes a form to allow readers to send information for posting there.
Phone/eMail Contact information for government, schools, etc.
Pictures Pictures of events dating back as far as 2004 piled into collages show the tenor or flavor of West Chicago events.
Soapbox Press releases, essays, and notices from community leaders, government sources, schools, organizations plus Merle Burleigh's back issues and words from the mythical Senator Beaureguard Fawghourne.
Help You already are here.

Each of these is a separate section often with a distinct submenu of pages related to it.   Those sections that appear in blue are hyperlinks.  Clicking on them sends you to that page.  Hyperlinks to which you have already gone are gray, rather than the normal blue.  This scheme is used consistently on WegoWeb pages.

WegoWebLogo.gif (4505 bytes)There will also be the WegoNews logo, a small picture of the "Pioneer" the original 4-2-0 steam engine that was the first engine of both the Chicago Northwestern and the Burlington Northern railroads. This is usually a hyperlink that will return you to the first page of WegoWeb.

Main instru3.jpg (2640 bytes) This is where the actual information will appear.  It often includes hyperlinks just like the menu options.  Some websites, linked to by WegoWeb but not part of it, will appear in this section.  Others will exit you completely out of WegoWeb.  In the latter case, you may have to use the back button of your browser to return to the Wegoweb menus.
Sponsors WegoWeb is more a community service than a business, but it does accept donations from a limited number of businesses, organizations or groups to defray its costs.  We are grateful for their support and use the top of the left border area to link to the website of their choice using their logo as the icon.  I also keep a link to Merle Burleigh's column in this column.

The right border area is used for consistent links but to other than major sections of this site.

  • The "Take Five" icon sends you to the short five minute version of the local news of the most recent completed day.  It is typically updated around dinner time. 
  • News for the most recent month can be seen by clicking on the "This Month" icon. 

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