Advertising on WegoWeb

     Although it is nice that about 1400 people per weeek have been hitting WegoNews as a quick, easy way to scan local and state news, I find that the site is too expensive to run as a hobby.  It is time that it pay its way.  I am willing to rent 5 places for logos, such as the one that brought you here, to nonelocal businesses to defray costs and subsidize my continued attempts to keep West Chicago citizens informed of what is happening in town.  The cost per month is $200.00.  For that price, I will place a 180x120 icon there and link it to the website of your choice.  This puts your logo in front of  and website one click away from an almost exclusively West Chicago audiencer.

     Think of it as like passing out business cards only cheaper.  The size is sufficient for a logo or small picture which serves as a reminder or for branding your business, cause, or candidate.  By being a hyperlink, to the website or page of your choice, it allows you complete control of the information that the viewer will see.

     If you or your business would like to reach over 1000 people per week at a cost of about $50 per week, less than a quarter per person, please call me, Robert Lemon, at 630-231-3152 or email me at