If your sanitary service line is blocked causing a back-up, please call the City before calling a plumber. If it occurs after hours, call the Police non-emergency number 293-2222. City crews will check the sanitary main for blockage. If the main is functioning properly, the homeowner must then schedule a licensed plumber to rod the service under observation of a City employee. If the Plumber is successful in opening the line, the homeowner is responsible for payment of the rodding charge regardless of the location of the blockage.

If the rodding is unsuccessful and the blockage cannot be removed, the approximate location of the blockage will be determined. If the blockage is on the homeowner's property, removal of the blockage is the homeowner's responsibility. If the blockage appears to be on City property, from the property line to the main, City crews will dig up the service in the parkway, remove the blockage, and repair the line, all at no cost to the
homeowner. In addition, if found to be on City property, the charge for the most recent rodding will be reimbursed to the homeowner. Again. this is only if the plumber cannot open the line, and the blockage is determined to be on City property.

Additional information may be obtained by calling the Street division at 293-2250. Rev 21-8