West Chicago History

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     132 Main Street - map 
Tues - Friday 10:30am-3:30pm
Saturday 11:00am-3:00pm
HERITAGE COMMONS PARK This site no longer exists.  The land, east of City Hall was sold to a developer for condominiums.  Many of the displays are now in a small park area near the Wilson Street bridge.
KRUSE HOUSE For Information or Tours...
    Call Donna Orlandini at 231-2671

Heritage Commons The self guided tour of Heritage Commons, a small park filled with railroad paraphernalia

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Kruse House A website explaining what is available at the Kruse House, an old railroad Victorian home with numerous exhibits.

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Map of Downtown West Chicago Starting from the old city hall, this map guides one around the historical sites of West Chicago.

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City Flag This page explains the history and symbolism of the official flag of the City of West Chicago.
firesitelogo.jpg (8556 bytes) West Chicago Fire Protection District The Fire Department's website has a section on the history of the Fire Department taken from a book by Frank F. Scobey.   This link goes to that section without passing thru the rest of their site, www.wegofpd.org.

Sesquicentennial In 1999, the city turned 150 years old.  This history was written at that time.
History of High Lake Area This is a small website for the homeowners in the High Lake area. One of the homeowners is Mary Light who has gathered a tremendous amount of information on the history of High Lake.
  HomePage A website about the Museum done by the students at Turner Elementary School.