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21 May
Rep Peter Roskam (R-IL6)and Rep Randy Hultgren (R-IL14) voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

Friday Bible Study Pic - FB, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, West Chicago
none"Our Friday evening Bible Study. Pr. Gomez, Pr. Zarate, Daniel Jordan, recently arrived from Cuba, Jose and Brandon Hernandez and our neighbor Eudelia Serna."

none DuPage panel considers strategies to control mosquitoes
none"One of the issues the panel reviewed Friday is whether abatement services could be consolidated. Right now, there are 45 different municipalities, townships and service districts targeting the bugs in DuPage. Task force members mulled the possibility of having the nine townships oversee all of DuPage's control efforts while following a common abatement strategy."
DuPage reconsidering Islamic prayer center plan
"Islamic Center of Western Suburbs in August filed the lawsuit claiming that DuPage discriminated against the group by rejecting its request to use a house at 28W774 Army Trail Road as a religious institution. The legal action was taken after DuPage County Board members on May 8, 2012, voted 15-3 to deny a conditional-use permit.  Then in March, DuPage lost a similar lawsuit filed by another religious organization. That prompted a federal judge to give the county and Islamic Center of Western Suburbs a chance to resolve their dispute."
COD paves new way to earn bachelor's degree
none"Through the so-called 3+1 program partnership between Lewis and College of DuPage, the students earned their four-year degrees from Lewis by taking all their classes at COD's campus in Glen Ellyn.  They are the first to receive bachelor's degrees through the program since the state's largest community college started negotiating agreements with area universities in 2011 that allow students to take three years of classes at COD, then a fourth year taught by instructors from partner universities at COD's campus."
none Mortgage settlement brings relief to 25K in Illinois
none"Since March  1, 2012, the settlement has enabled 3,513 Illinois homeowners to receive permanent mortgage modifications with principal writedowns that reduced their indebtedness by an average of $118,235. Another 8,439 consumers had second liens on their homes  extinguished. Almost 6,000 consumers completed short sales, selling their homes, with their lender's permission, for less than the amount owed. Additional homeowners received other forms of assistance."
Bill to regulate fracking in Illinois sails through committee
none"Thousands of landowners Downstate have sold their rights to drill for oil and natural gas for  $50 to $350 per acre, plus a cut of the profits. The drilling technique uses pressurized sand, water and chemicals to crack open layers of rock that trap such fuels hundreds or thousands of feet below ground. The stampede to unleash such fuels has been compared to the Gold Rush of the 1840s."
Quinn: No new casinos without pension reform
none"The governor, however, refused to say whether he would veto Cullerton's plan, a measure agreed upon by public employee unions but that would save only about one-third of the $150 billion over 30 years promised in a House-backed measure sponsored by Speaker Michael Madigan. Illinois' state pension systems have an unfunded liability approaching $100 billion."
none Illinois House committee approves Medicaid expansion
none"A key Illinois House committee has approved an expansion of Medicaid to cover low-income adults who don't have children at home, despite scrutiny over a last-minute amendment that would give flexibility to some institutions for people with mental illness."
Illinois Senate panel endorses ammunition limit
Dang Wabbit"“All of those lives were taken in less than four minutes by a single gunman,” Barden said, adding that the shooter “made a conscious decision” that day by bringing multiple 30-round, high-ammunition magazines and leaving the smaller ones at home. “He knew he could kill a lot more people. And he did.”"
none Hundreds Protest 'Too Big to Jail' at Department of Justice; 27 Arrested, Several Tased - AFL-CIO
none"Organizers from the Home Defenders LeagueOccupy Our Homes and allied organizations estimate that more than 500 people attended a rally at the U.S. Department of Justice on Monday, calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to begin arresting bankers accused of fraud and unscrupulous lending practices. As of Tuesday morning, at least 27 demonstrators had been arrested after an attempt to enter the Justice Department building was prevented by law enforcement."
none The Supreme Court Agreed To Hear A Case Today That Will Probably Nuke Separation Of Church And State - Think Progress
none"O’Connor was the Court’s leading supporter of the view that government cannot endorse a particularly religious belief or take action that might convey such a “message of endorsement to the reasonable observer,” and this view put her at odds with the four other members of the Rehnquist Court’s conservative bloc. When she left the Court, she was replaced by staunchly conservative Justice Samuel Alito, and most Court observers expected decades of precedent protecting against government endorsements of religion to fall in very short order."
Video: Pat Robertson Blames Tornado Victims For Not Praying - Opposing Views
"Robertson said the tornadoes may not have happened if enough victims had prayed: “If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms.""
none Oklahoa Senators Jim Inhofe, Tom Coburn, Face Difficult Options On Disaster Relief - Huff Post
none"Coburn spokesman John Hart on Monday evening confirmed that the senator will seek to ensure that any additional funding for tornado disaster relief in Oklahoma be offset by cuts to federal spending elsewhere in the budget. "That's always been his position [to offset disaster aid]," Hart said. "He supported offsets to the bill funding the OKC bombing recovery effort."
GOP Aides Mock House Republicans’ ‘Crazy’ Benghazi Witch-Hunt - Think Progress
"Roll Call reports that Republican aides are saying staffers are getting bogged down chasing bogus accusations. “We have got to get past that and figure out what are we going to do going forward,” a GOP aide told Roll Call. “Some of the accusations, I mean you wouldn’t believe some of this stuff. It’s just — I mean, you’ve got to be on Mars to come up with some of this stuff.”"
18&19 May
noneHappy Armed Forces Day
none This Week in West Chicago
West Chicago HS Dist 94 Board Meeting Agenda May 21, 2013
  • BloomingFest - FB, Wego Etawc
    nonenone"We hope to see parents, students, and other community members in downtown West Chicago this Saturday May 18 from 9:00 am- 3:00pm.  Teachers will be handing out free books and seed packets to children who stop by our booth. This is the second year ETAWC has participated in this annual West Chicago event.  For more information, go to We are even in the slideshow from 2012 handing out our books!"
  • West Chicago Middle School being renamed
    "I am neither for or against renaming the school to Leman Middle School, I just think the community should be consulted and it should not come at the cost of laying off reading aides during tight times."
  • Challenge to Change the Future
    none"The Language Arts Division at Community High School District 94 would like to cordially invite you to attend an exciting evening featuring the service learning projects of our Sophomore Class.  Community High School is dedicated to community collaboration and celebration, and the First Annual Challenge to Change the Future Celebration is an event to do just that!"
  • Multi-District Art Show
    none"Please come and enjoy beautiful artwork created by the Art students at Community High School, Benjamin Middle School, and Winfield Middle School.  The Art Show will be open to the public during all of the spring music concerts from 7:30-9 p.m.. on Friday, May 17th, Tuesday May 21st, and Thursday, May 23rd."
  • Scout Troops Contribute to the Fabric of Community in West Chicago
    Boy Scouts"For the past two years, West Chicago Boy Scout Troop #33 sponsored by Glen Arbor Community Church, has taken on the service project of beautifying downtown West Chicago by planting a variety of flowers and ornamental grasses supplied by the City in downtown beds. Additionally, West Chicago Girl Scout Troop # 50386 is pitching in with their individual creativity in creating colorful art posters to help promote an upcoming event."
  • Over the River and Through the Woods Returns
    "Playing to sold-out audiences in May, and hearing from disappointed people who missed the original run, organizers have decided to bring it back for encore performances on two dates in June. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 8, 2013 and 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 9, 2013."
  • Financial Assistance Available for Residents Affected by Flooding
    none"The City of West Chicago has learned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has opened a Disaster Recovery Center in Lisle for residents affected by the recent flood to apply for federal assistance to help alleviate expenses incurred in the recovery process from the April storms."
Rep Fortner Has New Website - FB, Mike Fortner
none"It's live!!!! Check it out!"
none DuPage panel considers strategies to control mosquitoes
none"One of the issues the panel reviewed Friday is whether abatement services could be consolidated. Right now, there are 45 different municipalities, townships and service districts targeting the bugs in DuPage.  Task force members mulled the possibility of having the nine townships oversee all of DuPage's control efforts while following a common abatement strategy."
DuPage adjunct professors get contract extension, raises
none"The current contract for the 650-member College of DuPage Adjuncts Association — the largest of the four union employee groups at COD — was set to expire before the start of the fall 2015 semester, but now has been extended through 2017... The college will provide 3 percent increases to the adjuncts' salary schedule pool for 2016 and 2017. However, if any other union negotiates an increase to their salary schedule in excess of 3 percent for those two years, the same increases will be extended to the adjuncts, officials said."
none Boys tennis | West Chicago team is exclusive club
""We've been doing good this year despite having low numbers," West Chicago coach Sione Moeaki said. "I have a very small team this year, that's for sure. But we have some good kids, and they've been working hard.""
none Illinois Senate approves medical marijuana bill
Marijuana Leaf"The proposal would create a four-year trial program in which doctors could prescribe patients no more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. To qualify, patients must have one of 42 serious or chronic conditions -- including cancer, multiple sclerosis or HIV -- and an established relationship with a doctor.  Patients would undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check and would be banned from using marijuana in public and around minors. Patients also could not legally grow marijuana, and they would have to buy it from one of 60 dispensing centers across Illinois. The state would license 22 growers."
none AFSCME gives final OK to contract with state
none" The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 announced Friday that a second ratification is complete. The union and Gov. Pat Quinn reached agreement in February after negotiating 15 months.  The union gets salary increases in the last two years, but members pay more for health care."
Newsday Sims Recycling Solutions Expands U.S. Asset Management Services to Include Mobile
none"Sims Recycling Solutions, the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, today announced it has expanded its U.S. asset management services to include mobile devices, such as feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Sims has hired technicians and quality assurance inspectors dedicated to grading, testing and repairing mobile devices at its West Chicago, Ill., location."
none Goodwill Minimum Wage Loophole Will Shock You - Huffington Post
"More than 100 Goodwill entities employ workers through the Special Wage Certificate program, a Depression-era loophole in federal labor law that allows organizations to pay subminimum wages to people with disabilities. According to Goodwill, 7,300 of its 105,000 employees are subject to the minimum wage exemption that affects 300,000 workers nationwide. My investigation revealed that these same Goodwill entities that use the special wage program simultaneously spent $53.7 million in total executive compensation."
none Alabama City Destroying Ancient Indian Mound for Sam’s Club - Intellihub
"In fact, the report does not conclude the mound is a result of “natural phenomena” but says very clearly it is of “cultural origin.” And while the University’s Office of Archaeological Research does not believe the site qualifies for the National Register of Historic Places, the Alabama Historical Commission disagrees, noting that the structure meets at least three criteria for inclusion: its “association with a broad pattern of history,” architecture “embodying distinctive characteristics,” and for the information it might yield to scholars.  The site is also significant to Native Americans."
none CBS Calls Out Republicans For Debunked Benghazi Emails - Business Insider
hypo-crat"Here is the GOP-leaked version of one of Nuland's emails:  "The penultimate point is a paragraph talking about all the previous warnings provided by the Agency (CIA) about al-Qaeda's presence and activities of al-Qaeda."
The actual version released by the White House, however, makes no mention of al-Qaeda: "The penultimate point could be abused by members to beat the State Department for not paying attention to Agency warnings.""
Scandals Backfire on Republicans as Obama’s Approval Ratings Go Up - PoliticusUSA
none"The latest CNN/ORC poll reveals that President Obama’s approval rating has gone up by two points from 51% in April to 53% today, while his disapproval rating has fallen by two points from 47% to 45%. While 85% of those polled agree that the IRS targeted of political groups is very or somewhat important issue, by a margin of 61%-37% respondents believed that President Obama’s statements on the matter have been completely mostly true."
16 May
none Around and About in West Chicago - 16 May 2013
  • 13th Annual Blooming Fest
  • West Chicago High School Annual Spring Fling Jazz Concert and Swing Dance
  • West Chicago Showdown Tournament
  • 15th annual West Chicago Elementary School District 33 Track Meet
  • Community High School District 94 Spring Band Concert
none Tell It on the Mountain Vacation Bible School
  • noneJune 24-28, 2013    9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Ages 3 yrs. - 6th Graders (2013-2014 school year)
  • Cost: $10 for 1st child, $5 each additional sibling, $20 max per family
  • Register by May 31 to receive a free VBS CD/DVD (1 per family)
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, 331 George Street, West Chicago, IL 60185
  • 630-231-1175 or
  • Summer Reading and Summer Enrichment Program - Parent Informational Meeting
    none"Honors and AP English students and parents are invited to a brief informational meeting in the CHS auditorium on Monday, May 20th at 7 p.m. regarding summer reading and summer enrichment coursework. Summer reading books will be available for purchase in the Commons beginning at 6:30 p.m., as well as after the presentation."
  • Book Fair May 21st to 23rd
    "We are pleased to announce the “Dive into WEGO Reading” book fair sponsored by the LRC on May 21st - 23rd during all lunch hours in Commons. Cash and checks (made to CHS) are accepted, and sales tax will not be charged."
  • Big Band Swing in West Chicago
    none"On Friday, May 17th, The Music Boosters of West Chicago Community High School invite you to Spring Fling from 7:00 - 10:00pm.  A 1940's Swing Dance Club and Jazz Concert will be re-created in the historic, 87-year-old Weyrauch Auditorium at West Chicago Community High School, which was built in 1926."
Bloomingfest - FB, Uwe Gsedl
"It’s that time of year – Bloomingfest! SO much to do all in one short day downtown in West Chicago.  Some highlights for the groups I support (and there are others, equally worthy, that will be there):
  • noneThe Depot behind the City Museum will be open – we have a goal of restoring it so that it can be used for more exhibit space.
  • The Garden Club has its awesome plant sale (and I’ll be there to take your money in the early hours).
  • The United Methodist and Congregational Women are selling really cute garden décor.
  • And the West Chicago Sister Cities has several items available for raffle, including this basket of German treats.
  • SUMMER, An Exhibit of Mixed Media Art
    none"This June, Gallery 200 will present the Featured Artist Show SUMMER to usher in the season. Ten Gallery member artists with a wide variety of media will display their art work from June 6 - 30, 2013."
  • Community Art Banner Project
    "A Question of Balance, the theme of the 2013 Community Art Banner Project, provides the perspectives of eleven artists who answered the call for art from the West Chicago Cultural Arts Commission."
  • The 508 Caboose of "The J" Has Come to Stay
    none"If you've been in Reed-Keppler Park since April 3, 2013, you may have noticed a red caboose with "The J" and "508" painted on the side of it sitting near the parking lot of the Turtle Splash Water Park."
  • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training
    • none"General Industry Safety Course
    • May 23 & 30, 2013  8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.\
    • Western DuPage Chamber Training Lab
      306 Main Street, West Chicago, IL 60185
  • Disaster Assistance For Residents Affected By Recent Flooding
    "... DuPage County residents affected by recent flooding are eligible to apply for FEMA disaster assistance. Residents can apply online at, or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). The toll-free telephone number will operate from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CDT, seven days a week."
none Appeals for public information spike 22 percent
none"That increase could stem from more government denials of information requests, increased public knowledge about the right to public records, or other reasons, experts said.  "I think it's a combination of things. Members of the public as well as nonprofit organizations are more aware that they can come to our office for help. We are raising awareness, education and outreach about the office," said Ann Spillane, chief of staff for Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan."
Suburban mayors steel themselves for own pension crisis
"Just as the state is debating how to cut teachers' and state workers' retirement benefits, mayors have lobbied lawmakers for years to make similar cuts to the pension benefits of police officers and firefighters."
[But make no mistake about this ... it reduces current police and fire wages. - Bob]
Lawmakers allow DuPage board to pare back government
none"The Illinois House sent Quinn legislation Tuesday allowing the cuts by a 108-6 vote. None of the "no" votes were from DuPage County.  DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin had asked for the authority and said the process of trying to cut governments could start soon. The legislation allows for the elimination of boards such as the Wheaton Mosquito Abatement District and DuPage Fair & Exposition Authority."
none Concealed-carry legislation emerges in Springfield
Dang Wabbit"The measure would require a gun owner to get a special endorsement from the Chicago police in order to legally carry guns in the city. It also bans weapons from being carried while riding public trains and buses as well as in bars, hospitals, schools, casinos and private businesses that choose to prohibit weapons in their stores.  The paramaters on concealed carry remain a contentious issue that is sure to be challenged by gun rights supporters who want fewer restrictions."
Less than half of state road fund money went for construction
none"The road fund is the primary fund used to pay for road construction projects.  The spending breakdown showing less than 50 percent of road fund revenue used on roadways comes during an overall slide in the condition of Illinois roads that are IDOT's responsibility to maintain.  Currently, 85 percent of state roads that fall under IDOT's jurisdiction are in acceptable condition or better, according to IDOT. The rate is projected to plummet to 65 percent by 2019, officials said."
Illinois could allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries
none"The Senate on Wednesday sent to the governor a measure to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections, but only if they turn 18 by the November general election.  There is no change, though, to the voting age for general elections, which remains restricted to individuals who are 18 or older on Election Day. The measure, which overwhelmingly cleared the House last month, passed the Senate 43-9."
none State retirees may have wide access to health care under changes
"The state is in the process of drafting bid requirements in preparation for having companies bid on supplying a Medicare Advantage policy. Bonneville said the criteria are still being drafted, but officials want to ensure members have access to a variety of doctors.  Two years ago, the state rebid health insurance coverage for state workers and awarded contracts to companies that did not offer networks in all parts of the state. The resulting furor from employees and lawmakers alike resulted in the state reinstating the old plans."
State universities agree to slowly pick up pension costs
" A plan to gradually shift ongoing pension costs to state universities and community colleges surfaced in the Illinois House Thursday and could be the model for shifting pension costs for K-12 schools.  No formal action was taken on the plan, but House Speaker Michael Madigan made it clear he wants to act on a proposal that shifts pension costs for educators to downstate school districts and away from the state."
  • Crop insurance expands, costs grow in latest U.S. farm bills - Reuters
    "Both of the five-year farm bills would cost roughly $500 billion, the bulk of it to be spent on food stamps for the poor.  Overall, the government safety net for farmers is shrinking, House Agriculture Committee staff said in a briefing on Friday. Traditional crop subsidies in the House bill would be slashed by $22 billion over 10 years, or 34 percent, while crop insurance funding would go up by $11 billion, they said, based on unofficial figures."
  • House, Senate Propose Generous Farm Bills - Property Casaualty 360
    "The committees are acting despite a report earlier this month arguing that in many cases the federal crop insurance program allows growers to make more money from insurance payouts than they would from a healthy harvest.  This is particularly so for industrial-scale operations that have been enjoying record profits, says report by Bruce Babcock, a professor of economics at Iowa State University."
none Supreme Court (British) rules that God is above the law - Telegraph
none"The Supreme Court ruled that a former Methodist minister could not sue the church for unfair dismissal because, rather than being an employee, she was viewed as a “steward in the household of God”. It found that even though the Rev Hayley Preston had been paid and housed by the Methodist church during her ministry, her relationship with it was essentially of “spiritual character” putting her outside the remit of normal employment law."
none BP and Shell raided in European commission price-rigging inquiry - The Guardian
none"The European commission said its officers carried out "unannounced inspections" at several oil companies in London, the Netherlands and Norway to investigate claims they may have "colluded in reporting distorted prices to a price reporting agency [PRA] to manipulate the published prices for a number of oil and biofuel products".  The commission said the alleged price collusion, which may have been going on since 2002, could have had a "huge impact" on the price of petrol at the pumps "potentially harming final consumers".
In Two Hours Obama Destroys the GOP’s Benghazi and IRS Scandals - PoliticusUAA
none"They’ll preach to the conservative choir that believes every negative statement and wild conspiracy about Obama, but for the vast majority of the country these two “scandals” are dead and dying.  Republicans are now reduced to trying to turn the investigation of the AP that they demanded into an Obama scandal. However, the AP flap is resonating much more with the media than it is with the country at large."
14 May
none Pension Bills Face Off | Chicago Tonight | WTTW - FB, Mike Fortner
none"Here's a link to the WTTW Chicago Tonight segment I was on last week in case you missed it!"
none How DuPage forest officials discovered scam
none"Two former administrators charged with scamming the DuPage County Forest Preserve District out of more than $150,000 avoided suspicion for years, officials say, until their loyalty to a vendor seeking a computer contract triggered an internal investigation so secret that only three district officials knew about it."
How to apply for disaster aid
  • "Grants for home repairs and replacement of essential household items not covered by insurance to make damaged dwellings safe, sanitary and functional.
  • Grants to replace personal property and help meet medical, dental, funeral, transportation and other serious disaster-related needs not covered by insurance or other federal, state and charitable aid programs."
none Watchdog group says state must address pensions
""It's the state treading water until it addresses comprehensive pension reform," said Civic Federation President Laurence Msall. "The governor's budget makes the best of a very horrible financial situation."  The Chicago-based nonpartisan research group is the latest to put pressure on state lawmakers, who are set to consider two pension overhauls and Quinn's budget before adjourning this month."
none Conservative Republican David Brooks Correct Take On Benghazi On Meet The Press (VIDEO) -
"So the CIA was super aggressive, there was some pushback, out of that bureaucratic struggle all the talking points were reduced to mush and then politics was inserted into it. So I don’t think we should necessarily say this is politics intruding on a CIA pure operation."
“Impeach Obama! Again!” - Salon
none"There’s no doubt that people will start using the “the I-word” around Benghazi considering they’ve already invoked impeachment so, so, so many other times. Here’s a brief history of threats to impeach President Obama that have gone nowhere, in no particular order:"
11&12 May
none This Week in West Chicago
"Spring Fling" Swing Dance & Jazz Concert - FB, Susan Dieterle Stibal
  •  noneFriday, May 17, 2013 7:00pm until 10:00pm
  • West Chicago Community High School
  • Weyrauch Auditorium will be Jumpin' and Jivin'!
    • 7:00-8:00pm Swing Dance Lessons
    • 8:00-9:00pm Jazz Band & Chamber Choir Perform
    • 9:00-10:00pm MORE music and dancing
  • ALL NIGHT LONG Raffle, Refreshments, Swingin' Good Music!
  • $5 Admission - Tickets available at the door. for more info, message Sue Stibal here or at 630-341-2500 OR Steve Govertsen or at 630-876-6490.
West Chicago Park District Dance Recital Celebrates A Day in the Park
none"The West Chicago Park District School of Dance will grace the stage with a variety of lively routines and music during their Day in the Park recital on Saturday, June 1 beginning at 4 p.m. in Weyrauch Auditorium at West Chicago Community High School, 326 Joliet Street."
District 33 "News Bites" April 27 through May 3, 2013
  • noneWe Go Run Results
  • D33 Dispatch & Press Release
  • Band Concert
  • Meet Best Selling Children's Author
  • Orchestra Concert
  • D33 Art Show

none Local officials welcome federal disaster designation
"Officials pointed to more than 800 houses in 11 counties that were either destroyed or badly damaged by flooding in requesting special aid. Counties named in Obama's declaration include Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will. Available help includes grants and low-interest loans to home and business owners to clean up or repair damaged property."
Some COD part-time faculty will get health care
none"The college will create the position of "lecturer" for some nontenured adjunct faculty members who will teach more classes than the average adjunct professor, but still fewer than a full-time professor. The new designation will allow lecturers to be eligible for health care insurance, officials said."
none President Obama signs Illinois disaster declaration
none"The declaration covers those affected between April 16 and May 5 by the severe storms and winds.  Property owners in Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Fulton, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, LaSalle, McHenry and Will counties can begin the application process for federal aid this weekend.  They must first register at or by calling 1-800-621-3362."
Quinn calls on House to send him gay marriage bill
none"The state Senate passed the measure on Valentine's Day, and the governor has said he's ready to sign it.  “It's time to vote,” Quinn said Thursday. “Illinois passing marriage equality into law, I think, sends a great signal to the people of our state and the people of America. So it's important to Illinois (that) the House of Representatives get going.”"
none State expects online tax losses of $212M this year
none"Unpaid sales taxes from online purchases are projected to hit $212 million and rising in Illinois this year. New estimates just released by the Illinois Department of Revenue show the amount of uncollected taxes in 2013 up from the $183 million estimate in 2012."
none Abandonment of poor: much worse than you thought - Remapping Debate
none"On this page, we present a map of the United States showing the relationship between federal poverty guidelines and the maximum monthly value of AFDC/TANF benefits in each state. When you use the slider at the top of the visualization to see change over time, the scope of the cutbacks becomes starkly apparent. In 1970, for example, the maximum benefit was greater than 50 percent of the poverty guidelines in 39 states; in 2011, only one state (New York) was still providing maximum benefits in excess of 50 percent of the poverty guidelines."
none You Won’t Believe How The Bible Actually Defines Marriage (HINT: It’s Not ‘One Man And One Woman.’) - Addicting Info
none"The other argument, “the Bible defines marriage as one man and one woman,” can easily be discredited though, if you have a very basic understanding of the Bible. If you don’t, Betty Bowers can explain it for you:"
none Rep. Steve King Says $20 Billion Cut In Food Stamps Won’t Be ‘Noticeable’ - Think Progress
none"Last year, the House Agriculture Committee passed a bill that included $16.5 billion in cuts to food stamps. As a result, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated, 2 to 3 million low-income people would no longer receive food assistance. The legislation touted by King would go even further."
09 May
none Around and About in West Chicago - 02 May 2013
  • Blooming Fest
  • 21st annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive
  • Bark Bash
  • District 94 Spring Orchestra Concert
  • Tyler Dameron Replaced by Mark Edwalds on Council
none District 33 "News Bites" April 27 through May 3, 2013
  • New Board Members and Officers
  • We Go Run This Sunday
  • D33 Dispatch
  • Town Hall Presentation on website
  • Volunteer Packet
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • PeaceBuilder of the Month for April 2013
    none"Wendy Garcia is currently a Junior at Community High School. Wendy received the PeaceBuilder Award for excellent academic achievement, her great attitude towards school, and her desire to help struggling students. She is to be recognized and honored for her effort here at WeGo."
  • Student of the Month for April 2013
    "The faculty and administration of Community High School would like to congratulate Jessica Newman of West Chicago for being selected Student of the Month for April."
  • CHS Students Meet Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
    "Hosted at the Union League Club in Chicago, the CHS delegation joined other civic and business leaders in Illinois in welcoming the first female justice on the United States Supreme Court. Justice O’Connor shared her remarkable journey to highest court in the land and her current passion, the need for effective civic education programs in all 50 states."
  • Senior BBQ Donations
    "The Boosters would like your help in assisting to purchase these items for a class of over 515 students by making a monetary donation towards the main entrees. You can choose any donation amount you would like as every dollar helps. Please follow the link below which can also be found via the webstore at"
  • District 94 Takes Third Place
    "Community High School District 94 participated in the 2013 Illinois Personal Finance Challenge State Finals, a program of Econ Illinois. The event, held April 22, 2013 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, involved 44 high school students representing all areas of the state competing for the Championship title."
Competition to grow on trees in climbing contest at Cantigny - Suburban Life Media
nonenone"Tree climbing competitions are designed to simulate the working conditions of arborists out in the field.  The day also includes exhibitors, food and other activities.  Prelims begin at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 11, at Cantigny Park, 1S151 Winfield Road. Parking costs $5. For more information visit or"
Rep. Foster Calls For Quick Approval Of Federal Flood Assistance - Bill Foster
none"“While the waters may have receded, many families, businesses and local governments face thousands of dollars in damage as they deal with the aftermath of the flood,” said Foster. “Today I personally contacted the White House to make sure they understand the urgency of this request to communities and families in Illinois.”"
none Getting rid of inefficiencies
"We found examples of obsolete taxing bodies, such as the Timberlake Estates Sanitary District that had not provided service for nearly 30 years. Even though the county took over operation in 1985, the taxing district still appeared on property tax bills with a zero levy. For two years, we worked to obtain a supermajority approval from the residents to eliminate the antiquated district. The action recently was approved by a DuPage County judge."
none 2 West Chicago runners complete Take a Step for Kids 5K
"Carol Zielinski, 32, crossed the finish line in 29:37, and Martin Lymn, 52, finished in 30:14.  According to, race organizers said 303 runners finished the 5-kilometer (3.1 miles) race, which began and ended at Independence Grove Forest Preserve."
none Ill. chief justice: Follow FOID law on mental health issues
none"The chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, citing “gun-related tragedies” and the state’s debate over concealed carry, emphasized in a memo to judges throughout Illinois this week that the state must be notified when they determine a person has serious mental health concerns.  Justice Thomas Kilbride underscored the issue in a letter that points out a Jan. 1 law that requires judges to direct circuit clerks to send “immediately” to the Illinois State Police any order that determines a person to be “a mental defective.”"
Medical marijuana bill clears Illinois Senate committee
Marijuana Leaf"The proposal has already passed the House. Gov. Pat Quinn has said he is "open minded" to the legislation but must give the matter further review.  Under the bill, a four year pilot program would be established to allow doctors to prescribe patients no more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana over two weeks. Patients would have to buy from one of 60 dispensing centers across the state and could not grow their own."

Quinn seeks federal flood disaster aid for area counties
none"If the governor’s request is approved, residents in those counties will be eligible to apply for grants and low-interest federal loans to help recover from the historic flooding, according to a release from Quinn’s office.  “We must do everything possible to help families impacted by this historic flooding as they rebuild their lives,” Quinn said in the release."

Monitoring for Asian carp to increase in Illinois
none"The $6.5 million plan released by the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee “will focus on actions that have achieved tangible results,” including removing Asian carp from the Upper Illinois River and other waterways below a set of electric barriers meant to keep them from reaching Lake Michigan, Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Marc Miller said in a written statement."

none Bill raising interstate speed limit goes to House floor
none"Under Senate Bill 2536, which has already been approved by the Senate, the speed limit on interstate highways and tollways will increase from 65 mph to 70 mph. It allows Cook and its collar counties, as well as Madison and St. Clair counties, to opt out of the higher limits."
Cuts coming in benefits for unemployed, state says
none"State officials plan to begin notifying 80,000 unemployed in Illinois of a 16.8 percent cut in federal emergency benefits, effective May 27.  The cuts, amounting to about $50 from the average $320-a-week benefit, are the result of federal budget sequestration, Illinois Department of Employment Security spokesman Greg Rivara said Thursday."
none Hundreds of St. Louis Fast Food Workers to Strike - CBS St. Louis
none"It started with Jimmy John’s, but now workers from more than 30 popular fast food chains in St. Louis plan to walk off the job pushing for higher wages and the right to form a union without retaliation.  Workers at a corporate-owned Northside McDonald’s on west Florissant Avenue walked off their jobs Wednesday at 3:45 p.m.  On Thursday more than 100 employees from major national brands like Panera, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Hardee’s, and Domino’s will follow with walkouts."

Republican Judges Say Telling Employees They Have Rights Violates Employers’ Free Speech - Campaign for America's Future
"A couple of years ago the NLRB made a rule requiring employers to put up a poster telling employees their rights under the law. Anti-union employers sued, saying that letting employees know they have rights violated the “free speech” rights of employers who do not want their employees to know they have rights.  The D.C. Circuit Court has ruled that letting employees know they have rights violates the free speech rights of employers, because it means the government is telling employers what they must say."

none Judge rips Obama’s right-wing Plan B stance - Salon
none"Korman was explaining why, when previously ruling on access to Plan B emergency contraception, he had initially waited for the administration to act on its own and make the drug widely available based on scientific evidence, rather than on politics. “The process had been corrupted by political influence. I remanded because I thought with a new president” things would be different, Korman said. But in 2011, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius overruled, with the president’s explicit blessing, the FDA’s recommendation to lift all age restrictions, which Korman ruled in March was a decision made in “bad faith” because of the politics around sex and contraception."
[Will the religious right thank O'Bama for his support ... will pigs fly? - Bob]
none GOP Star Witnesses Debunk Right-Wing Benghazi Conspiracy Theories - Think Progress
hypo-crat"The “whistleblowers” at today’s House Oversight Committee hearing on what really happened in Benghazi, Libya last September were supposed to break the dam that would lead to President Obama’s eventual downfall, in the eyes of conservatives. Instead, these witness actually served to debunk several theories that the right-wing has pushed on Benghazi, leaving the hearing a fizzle for the GOP:"
85% Of Cumulus Advertisers Demand 'No Rush Limbaugh' Order Clause - BONUS: Hannity Also In Clause = Daily Kos
none"Tuesday: Cumulus releases their earnings confirming more losses in the millions, as well, and CEO Lew Dickey, alluded the losses were due to advertisers leaving Rush Limbaugh's show after boycotts, and his attack on then unknown law student, Sandra Fluke. Dickey simply said the "facts (advertising losses) are indisputable.""
[See also Rush Limbaugh Does the Country a Favor As He Brings Other Conservative Radio Down With Him, PoliticusUSA. - Bob]
07 May
none West Chicago Sister Cities Hosts Evening with German Students
"The West Chicago Sister Cities organization hosted an evening reception for students from Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, Germany at St. Michael’s Church located in the old German section of West Chicago.  Twelve high school students and their teacher, Anita Dommel, arrived in West Chicago on March 17, 2013 and stayed with American host families for two and a half weeks."
    none"On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., Community High School District 94 will host a Community Forum to share information with all stakeholders. The Agenda will include the District’s Capital Improvement Plan, Transparency Initiative, an Update on Joining the Upstate Eight Conference, Focus on Teaching & Learning, and Climate Survey Results from Students and Staff."
  • Coffee with the Superintendent
    "Community High School District 94 is serving “Coffee with the Superintendent”. Residents are invited to join Mr. Lalo Ponce for coffee and casual conversation Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Coffee with the Superintendent will be held at Community High School District 94, located at 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago, IL in the Administrative Conference Room."
West Chicago Police Join Click It or Ticket Campaign
none"The 2013 Click It or Ticket campaign kicks off May 10, 2013 in Illinois. The purpose of the campaign is to help save lives by cracking down on those who do not buckle up through the Memorial Day holiday weekend"
Ascension Day - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Churfch
none"Ascension Day is this Thursday! Please join us for Divine Service at 7:00 p.m.  It's sure to be "uplifting.""

DuPage group hosts second annual Honor Flight fundraiser
"The second annual DuPage Veterans Foundation event included more of a visual spectacle this year, as a small fleet of World War II nonewarbirds were on display during the gathering at DuPage Airport in West Chicago.  Rain during last year's event prohibited a scheduled appearance by the warbirds, but the fundraiser still generated $55,000 — enough to send a plane full of 90 veterans to Washington on an Honor Flight to see the memorial built in reverence to their service."

none Senate leader counters with union-backed pension plan
none"The Senate version, which centers on giving employees choices related to health care coverage and cost-of-living increases upon retirement, would save about a third as much as Madigan's plan, which asks workers to pay more and get less in benefits. Cullerton, however, billed his proposal as "constitutionally sound," less of a gamble than Madigan's version that unions have vowed to challenge in court."
Quinn vetoes bill that would have increased ComEd rates
none"Quinn, a Democrat, cited practicality and precedent as he slammed the black ink of his veto stamp onto the bill at a news conference in Chicago. The governor said families and businesses can't afford a rate increase, and he expressed concern about a "very disturbing process" in which ComEd sought relief in the legislature after a disagreement with its regulator, the Illinois Commerce Commission.  Improving the grid is important, Quinn said, but legislated rate increases are the wrong way to do it."

Whooping cough rise prompts new vaccine requirement
none"Next school year, the state will require that all students entering sixth through 12th grades show proof of a Tdap booster vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diptheria, and pertussis, regardless of when students had their last dose.  Students without the booster can be kept out of school this fall if they do not have proof of the additional booster shot.  The vaccine is in response to a resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, cases seen throughout the state, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health."

none Senate Democrats want union-backed pension deal
none" Following a two-hour, closed-door meeting, the majority party decided to pursue the union-backed plan rather than act on legislation passed by the House last week.  “When this bill (Senate Bill 2404) is passed, the unions are not going to sue,” said Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago. “They agree on this bill as opposed to suing on the other bill that is under consideration. If that bill is declared unconstitutional, there is zero savings.”"
none Don’t Let Republicans Cut Your Overtime Pay
none"This legislation undermines the existing right to hard-earned overtime pay, on which many working families rely to make ends meet, while misrepresenting itself as a workplace flexibility measure that gives power to employees over their own schedules."
  • Dearborn ordered to apologize for arrests of Christian missionaries at Arab Fest -
    "The decision to arrest these individuals was based in part on information provided to the Dearborn police by Arab Festival attendees, workers, and volunteers. When all of the information—including the video captured by Wood, Qureshi, and Rezkalla—was presented to a Dearborn jury, the jury found that these individuals were not guilty of the criminal offense of breach of peace.  The City of Dearborn regrets and apologizes for the decisions to arrest and prosecute David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, and Paul Rezkalla and the hardship caused to everyone involved."
  • Christians in Morocco Fear Fatwa Portends Harsher Treatment - Morning Star News
    "In a publication explaining its ruling, the high council said it based its decision in part on verses from the Koran, and in part on verses from the Hadith – one that quotes Muhammad, Islam’s prophet, as saying, “If somebody [a Muslim] discards his religion, kill him.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 3017)  Islamic scholars use the Hadith, also known as the “Sayings and Deeds of the Prophet,” along with the Koran as a basis for determining sharia (Islamic law)."
none Another Toddler Dies From Self-Inflicted Gun Shot – This Time Three Year-Old In AZ (VIDEOS)  - Addicting Info
Dang Wabbit"I wonder if the Arizona governor has any feelings about this toddler’s death. If so, did it cause her to rethink her new laws? At three, many children are still in diapers. How the hell do we live in a country, where a toddler can so easily find a gun, and shoot himself in the face?  How many innocent children, and adults are going to die in this country before all lawmakers start doing the right thing."
04&05 May
On 04 May 1970 America was willing to shoot its children.
On 05 May1925 John Snopes was Arrested for Teaching Evolution
none This Week in West Chicago

Agenda for District 94 BOE Meetings

District 33 Board Welcomes Newly Elected Members, Recognizes Outgoing
none"On Thursday, May 02, 2013 at a Special Board of Education meeting, Board Member Chris Scheck, who served on the board for 9 years, was recognized by the Board of Education for her exceptional dedication and outstanding leadership for West Chicago School District 33. Board Vice President, Julie Pearson, acknowledged that Chris brought professionalism, integrity, and exceptional leadership to this Board, and personally thanked her for the high level of standards that she set for this Board."
  • West Chicago Park District E-News and Updates
    • noneWiggly Field Bark Bash 
    • Summer Registration
    • America in Bloom Kick-off at Blooming Fest
    • Summer Seussabration!
    • Summer Camp 2013
  • West Chicago Park District holds Community-wide Garage Sale
    "Turn your clutter into extra cash during the West Chicago Park District’s Community-wide Garage Sale on Saturday, May 11 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Turtle Splash Water Park located at 129 W National Street.  Clear out your attic, yard, closets, or garage and bring your treasures to this six-hour sell-a-thon. Here’s your opportunity to unload baby clothes, toys, games, collectibles and much more!"
  • Bring your dog and have a blast at the Wiggly Field Bark Bash
    none"Dogs can bark, roam free, and play with other canines during the West Chicago Park District’s Bark Bash on Saturday, May 11, 9 a.m. to noon at Wiggly Field, the district’s fenced-in dog park located in Reed-Keppler Park, 129 W. National Street."
The Joel Wiant House makes Landmarks Illinois statewide endangered list!!! - FB
none"“This is one of the oldest structures in West Chicago and a rare example of Second Empire architecture in the county,” said Bonnie McDonald, President of Landmarks Illinois. “We hope city will withdraw its demolition request of the local Historic Preservation Commission and seriously consider all available options in order to save this wonderful building for productive future use.”"
Guest Speakers for Blooming Fest
none"Garden gnomes everywhere are anxiously counting the days until Blooming Fest, this year scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m."
DuPage Veterans Flundation for Honor Fligbht Chicago - FB, Melissa Birch
none[This is a group of pictures taken at their fundraiser. - Bob]
none DuPage flood damage estimates top $6.5 million
"The estimate provided Wednesday more than doubles the $3.16 million threshold for DuPage to qualify for federal assistance.  Municipalities, libraries and other local governments now need to see if the state surpasses $17.57 million in total flood damage costs. If that happens, the entities will be eligible for reimbursement for up to 75 percent of their cleanup expenses."
none Kirk at 1st public appearance in Ill. since stroke: 'Rehab works'
none"Kirk did not address his health but, when asked about it later by a reporter, he said: “It is a change. I will say that rehab works. Part of my mission is to tell everyone in Illinois who has (a parent with a medical issue who is depressed), call me and I’ll get them up.”  The senator arrived at the school, where he was helped out of an SUV and into a wheelchair. Once inside the school, he walked a few steps in a slow gait with a four-pronged cane. He switched back to the wheelchair for the tour of the school but did set it aside while visiting students in a classroom."

Hastert says wrestling should stay an Olympic sport
none"Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert wants the International Olympic Committee to keep wrestling as an Olympic sport.  The former high school wrestling coach from Yorkville spoke Thursday to both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly. Hastert served three terms in the Illinois House in the 1980s.  The IOC has recommended that wrestling be left out of the Olympics starting in 2020. Hastert called it a wrong move."

none Strong tax collections in April allow state to make dent in bills
none"Medicaid bills qualify for federal matching funds that allow the state to pay down a greater quantity of old bills. As of last Monday, Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka’s office estimated the total backlog at about $5.6 billion. That’s down from the roughly $9 billion backlog the office reported in March.  April tends to be a good revenue month for the state as taxpayers file their income tax returns. This year, it was helped further by actions taken by taxpayers in response to the higher federal tax rates, COGFA said."
none Eaglets have hatched at Mooseheart
"“They’ve been hatched for like two weeks,” he said. “They started bringing fish into the nest. The nest is so deep, it’s hard to see them.”  He has been watching the eagles since they first appeared near the Batavia area in 2009. He said the eagles spent at least one year comfortably raising their eaglets, but subsequent years haven’t been as smooth."
none DEAR WORKERS OF THE WORLD: These Three Charts Show How You're Getting Totally Shafted - Business Insider
"One reason companies are making so much money is that they're paying employees less than they ever have as a share of GDP. That's bad news for everyone, by the way, not just employees. Low employee wages are one reason the economy is so weak: Those "wages" represent spending power for consumers. And consumer spending is "revenue" for other companies. So the short-term corporate profit obsession is actually starving the rest of the economy of revenue growth."
  • The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal - Patheos
    none"In 1979, McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal.  Sometime after that, it was decided that the Bible teaches that human life begins at conception..... I don’t mean to pick on Geisler. He’s no different from Packer or Graham or any other leading evangelical figure who’s been around as long as those guys have. They all now believe that the Bible teaches that life begins at conception. They believe this absolutely, unambiguously, firmly, resolutely and loudly. That’s what they believed 10 years ago, and that’s what they believed 20 years ago.  But it wasn’t what they believed 30 years ago. Thirty years ago they all believed quite the opposite."
  • Poll: Americans Ambivalent on Abortion - Christianity Today
    "On the poll's simplest, straightforward abortion question, a majority said abortion should be legal. PRRI found only four-in-ten said abortion should be illegal. However, few took a consistently pro-life or pro-choice position. Only 19 percent said abortion should be legal in all circumstances; 14 percent said it should be always be illegal. That leaves nearly two-thirds approving abortion in some cases but not in others."
none Gun Protesters Plan March On Washington With Loaded Rifles To ‘Put The Government On Notice’ - Think Progress
Dang Wabbit"This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny. We are marching to mark the high water mark of government & to turn the tide. This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent."
02 May
none Around and About in West Chicago - 02 May 2013
  • Reigning Cats and Dogs
  • Second Annual Honor Flight Fundraiser
  • Ninth annual We-Go Run
  • Annual 80 and Over Community Celebration
  • 10th Annual Citywide Collection
none Reminder for Market Day Orders
nonenone"Please help support our student organizations by placing orders with Market Day. May’s Market Day profits will benefit the International Club. The May Market Day pick up will be Thursday, May 9th at 5:00 pm. You must place your order by: Monday, May 6th at 11:00 pm CST. Pick up time is 5:00-5:45 pm in Commons... Click on the following website to access Market Day to place your order:  Our school is listed as Community High School Activities  - Account #6816."
  • City of West Chicago Newsletter
    none"Enjoy the latest issue of Window to West Chicago Online and Ventana a West Chicago en linea! You'll find all the news you've come to enjoy from this bi-monthly publication now at the click of a button."
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit Blossoms
    "The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in West Chicago. Event coordinator Kissel Davila and professional florist Clara Alvarez have dovetailed their unique talents to open a new downtown business. Blossom Events, located at 112 Main Street specializes in floral arrangements and centerpieces, unique gifts and special event planning services."
  • Paleteria Rosy Serving Up a Hot New Dessert Trend
    "Foodies around the country have discovered the fresh fruity flavors of the Mexican treat known as paletas, milk or fruit-based ice pops. Small shops, kiosks, and pushcarts have been popping up to sell the frozen treats which have a wide appeal among people of every ethnicity. One such paleteria has arrived in downtown West Chicago at 208 Main Street and is already creating a buzz for their deliciously distinctive desserts."


none DuPage flood damage estimates top $6.5 million
none"Cleaning up the aftermath of last month's widespread floods will cost communities throughout DuPage County at least $6.58 million.  The estimate provided Wednesday more than doubles the $3.16 million threshold for DuPage to qualify for federal assistance.  Municipalities, libraries and other local governments now need to see if the state surpasses $17.57 million in total flood damage costs. If that happens, the entities will be eligible for reimbursement for up to 75 percent of their cleanup expenses."
none Quinn says he's not quite there yet on gambling expansion
none"“You have to do it right the first time,” said Quinn, who has vetoed two previous versions of a major casino bill. “And so until it’s absolutely right, then I don’t plan to sign anything.”  The Democratic chief executive said he is glad the new gambling bill included items he’s long pushed, including a ban on campaign contributions from gambling interests, stronger ethics standards and clearer assurances that a Chicago casino’s money would go toward education."
none Illinois House OKs Madigan pension reform plan
none"“With the passage of this comprehensive pension reform solution, Illinois is closer than ever to addressing a decades-long problem that is plaguing our economy, our bond rating and the future of our children,” Quinn said.  Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, said previously his chamber would consider Madigan’s bill while also noting that the Senate voted down a similar measure earlier this spring. He also said he will brief Senate Democrats on a pension reform plan advanced Wednesday by public employee unions that he called “substantial” and one that would “save billions of dollars.”"
70 mph limit a threat to safety, says IDOT secretary
none"The Illinois Department of Transportation opposes raising the interstate speed limit to 70 mph as a threat to both motorists and roads, Secretary Ann Schneider said Wednesday in Springfield. Schneider said the agency is preparing a report for Gov. Pat Quinn recommending he oppose the change."
none CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law - Bloomberg
none"Almost three years after Congress ordered public companies to reveal actual CEO-to-worker pay ratios under the Dodd-Frank law, the numbers remain unknown. As the Occupy Wall Street movement and 2012 election made income inequality a social flashpoint, mandatory disclosure of the ratios remained bottled up at the Securities and Exchange Commission, which hasn’t yet drawn up the rules to implement it. Some of America’s biggest companies are lobbying against the requirement."
none Fox News guest: Scientific ‘enlightenment and reason’ led to the Holocaust - Raw Story
none"“You know, the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust… Dark periods of history is what we arrive at when we leave God out of the equation.”"
Being Gay Is 'Three Times More Dangerous' Than Smoking, Faith 2 Action Group Claims In Video - Huffington Post
"The teacher eventually distributes cigarettes to her class, but labels one non-smoking student a "smokaphobe" and threatens to enroll her in diversity training when the child refuses to light up with her classmates. The controversial clip also includes the tagline, "Homosexual behavior is up to three times more dangerous than smoking.""
[I wish people would confine their arguments to what they know to be good and/or true rather than going for anything they think might convince. - Bob]
none Wis. Assembly Panel Approves Junk Food Stamp Bill - NBC15, Madison
none""This bill does not allow for Wisconsinites who are utilizing the FoodShare program to purchase sharp cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, shredded cheese or reduced sodium cheeses," said State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, D-Milwaukee. "And I just want to indicate again how that hurts not just those individuals, those Wisconsinites using the FoodShare program.....but it hurts our dairy farmers.""
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